Con Co, the pearl in the middle of the East Sea

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Con Co is an island with beautiful, diverse, various and potential forest and sea biodiversity. Formed by the tectonic activity of the volcano between the sea, Con Co has valuable geological and ecological landscape as a natural museum with unique basalt terraces along the coast, the small wild beaches is made of coral chips, scallops, sand ... clear sea water, stable sea temperature (no less than 21oC all a year) allows long bathing season.
Con Co is located in an area with the various biodiversity of Tiger field (about 9,000 km2) nearby the intersection of ocean currents, the convergence of regions North - South seafood, Tonkin Gulf - East Sea. With the diversity of ecosystems, the waters around the island have rich marine resources. According to research results and information on resource data, Con Co waters currently have 267 fish species of 120 varieties belonging to 69 families, the fish fauna in Con Co sea area has stratification according to adapting to ecological conditions in which the floating level accounts for about 12.3%; the middle level accounts for about 36.3%; the bottom level accounts for about 22.4% of total species.
+ Floating fish include: Mackerel, tuna, bream, flyingfish, cuttlefish, butterfish ... these are the types of fish that have a relatively high annual output in the annual catch of the fisheries sector; all kinds of molluscs - crustaceans: Con Co sea has a lot of kinds of crustaceans, mollusks including dozens of rare and precious types of shrimps and crabs such as lobster, tiger shrimp, sea-crab... have great significance in the development of economics, the mollusks types of 2 parts such as: clams, snails, types of pearls ... expressing the richness and diversity of the biodiversity.
+ Types of algae: Con Co algae has 52 types of 3 branches: Red algae, brown algae and green algae in which 48 types have high economic value.
With these characteristics, Con Co has potential in cultivating and exploiting and developing fishery…
+ Coral reefs: The coral of Con Co beach has 109 species, 42 varieties of 15 families are widely distributed around the island, with the forms of coastal corals and scattered groups.
Especially in October 2005, the Ministry of Fisheries Research Institute was sponsored by the Danish and International Island Marine Conservation Organization, which conducted diving, exploration and surveying around the island (mainly by Denmark experts and divers) initially made a preliminary conclusion:
+ The marine biology, especially the coral around Con Co island is the most diverse, the richest and most beautiful because of its pristine nature in the coral reefs of the Vietnam Sea and islands.
+ In particular, the delegation also stated: In Con Co, there are extremely rare red coral species and black corals allocate water in the depth of 40m or more, this is a high-value coral. .
Coral reefs in Con Co are considered to be in very good condition, high coverage, diversity of species composition and relatively intact only after Phu Quoc, Con Dao and Hon Mun. Currently, Vietnam and international marine conservation organizations are working on Con Co to prioritize the implementation of the "Marine Conservation Project"; October 14, 2009 Quang Tri Provincial People's Committee issued Decision No. 2090 / QD-UBND on the establishment of Con Co island marine protected area with a total area of ​​4,532 ha according to the type of conservation of species and ornamental organisms, including ecosystems of coral reefs and the rare marine flora and fauna species. This is a favorable condition, creating potential advantages for developing marine eco-tourism.
Another point is:
Con Co has a geographical position not too close nor too far to organize tourism activities. On the other hand, the island is formed by volcanoes between the sea, Con Co is valuable in geology, resources, the various marine resources; Landscape ecology as a natural museum with majestic basalt rocks, small beaches created by coral chips, scallops, clear sea water, stable sea temperature. Besides, Con Co has a 3-storey tropical forest ecosystem of volcanic island; Forests on rare coral reefs in Vietnam.
These specific factors give Con Co its own advantages and attractiveness to develop island marine ecotourism with various types of sightseeing, convalescence, research, diving and sea exploration ... and building Con Co island district become a tourist island district according to the Government's Decree No. 174/2004 / ND - CP.
Another advantage is that Con Co is located in a system of famous historical relics during years of war in Quang Tri such as: Ben Hai River; Hien Luong Bridge; The 17th parallel; Vinh Moc tunnels; Quang Tri Ancient Citadel ...
Con Co forest accounts for 73.7% of the total area, considered the lung of the island. Con Co forest belongs to the tropical forest ecosystem on coral floor and shell scallop so that most of trees are low and small. Among them are the number of indigenous trees of value such as: Birch, wild pineapple.
The 3-layer tropical forest ecosystem on the island is a rare forest ecosystem of volcanic island in Vietnam that is well preserved and protected. The climate on the island is fresh, cool, unpolluted.
Con Co forest has a very important position for ecological environment with functions: Windbreak; regulating water sources; cover and protection. In addition to the above meanings, Con Co forest meets all factors of landscape and environment for tourism and ecological activities.
The potential tourism of Con Co island.
Located in the southern gateway of Tonkin Gulf, Con Co island has a strategic significance in the economic - territorial and defense - security relations of the country. Besides, it is located in the central region where the intersection of important North-South traffic routes, and especially the East-West Economic Corridor via Lao Bao international border gate connecting Vietnam with the Lao, Northeast Thailand, Myanmar market ... so Con Co island has a great advantage in terms of geographical position. Con Co Island is an ancient battlefield associated with fierce battles, demonstrating the heroic struggle tradition of Quang Tri army and people in the war against America. In terms of tourism potential, Con Co island is an area with beautiful landscape, diverse forest and marine ecosystems, which are not small advantages to form tourism products such as resort, sport tourism, forest and sea eco-tourism ... these types of tourism are attracting a large number of tourists.
Con Co Island is planned as a peak in the tourism development triangle of Cua Tung - Cua Viet - Con Co, located in the key tourist development cluster in the north of Quang Tri province.
+ Some other favorable conditions:
- In recent years, the district has focused on investment in planning and constructing infrastructure. Besides reviewing and supplementing the socio-economic master plan, the district has completed the general construction planning, detailed tourist planning; Land use planning; Detailed planning of the administrative and population center; To plan traffic routes on the island in the direction of building Con Co into a tourist island as a basis and premise for investment and promotion to call for investment in the coming time. During the implementation of planning projects, the district has enlisted the participation of foreign experts, specialized consultants of ministries, functional branches and the participation of experts. , scientists from illustrious universities throughout the country and local military agencies.
- Infrastructure and technical materials: Many infrastructures serve people's life such as fishing port system; Ben Tranh embankment against erosion; traffic routes such as the main route running around the island 5km long, T2, N5 and T1B routes in the administrative center area have been invested and built to create favorable conditions for the traveling of the people and serving tourism.
- Power supply: In 2009, the district invested to build 01 centralized power station with diesel engine with a total capacity of 132KVA- 0.4KV with 02 machines with the capacity of 66 KVA. The construction has been put into use since October 2009 to create favorable conditions for living, production and business in the district.
- Water supply: On the island, there are some wells with fresh water, although the reserve is not large, but this is a favorable condition to build a project to collect, reserve and supply concentrated water for the whole island.
- Contact information: At present, the island has invested 02 telecommunication stations of Vinaphone and Viettel, Radio and Television Station, Station of lights, weather stations, radar stations.
- The promulgation of Resolution 09-NQ / TW of the Party Central Committee (term X) on Vietnam's sea strategy to 2020, is a favorable condition for Quang Tri to invest in developing island tourism in general, Con Co island tourism in particular.
With these favorable factors, it creates a special attraction to develop Con Co island sea tourism with various types such as: Sightseeing, eco-tourism, convalescence, marine exploration, sea sports. Con Co Island together with Cua Tung - Cua Viet is determined to be a driving force for tourism development on the East-West Economic Corridor, forming a national integrated marine eco-tourism resort.
Today, in the new age of the nation, Con Co is transforming itself in its journey towards the future. Party committees and people of the island district are promoting the heroic tradition; uniting to exploit potential strengths, take advantage of external resources effectively. Striving to build an island district that is strong in politics - rich in economy - strong in national defense – beautiful culture. Hoping on a day , Con Co will soon become a cultural island tourism district at the gateway of the country. /.

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