The overview of Con Co island

Con Co is the outpost island of the socialist republic of Vietnam in the Quang Tri waters. There is a special position: It is the dividing point of the Gulf of Tonkin - the southern gate of the Gulf of Tonkin - is the outpost protecting national sovereignty.
Crossing the 17th parallel, is located at 17008’15 ’’ - 17010’05 ’’ North latitude; 1070,19'50 "- 107020’40" East longitude. 13 to 17 nautical miles from the mainland (the nearest point is Mui Lay in Vinh Thach commune - Vinh Linh District - Quang Tri Province with 13 nautical miles, 15 nautical miles from Cua Tung - Vinh Quang Commune - Quang Tri Province and 17 nautical miles from the Port Cua Viet - Gio Viet Commune - Gio Linh District - Quang Tri Province); the highest point is 63.4 m from the sea surface, the total natural area is 230 ha; The population is about 400 people (Previously belonged to Vinh Quang commune - Vinh Linh district - Quang Tri province).
From the island to the west, you will see the green color of the coastal areas of Cua Tung, Vinh Moc, Vinh Thai, Vinh Kim, and the south-west is the Ben Hai river with a natural area of ​​230.39ha.
According to history books, from the XVII - XVIII century, on the road of trade, Dai Viet residents considered Con Co a stop.
The traditional transmission of the Nguyen Dynasty was a place of exile for sinners. According to archaeologists, during the early centuries of Con Co, there were many people who arrived and left many vestiges. Thus, Con Co has long been discovered by Vietnamese people and laid the foundation for the establishment of the right to manage this island.
Con Co is a coastal island, located off the east coast, with an average elevation of 7 - 10 m above sea level. There are 2 high points on the island: the point is 37m east of the island (hence the name of the high point 37), the western point - near the center of the island - is the highest point of 63.4m.
Con Co is also known as Hon Co, Thao Phu, Con Ho, or Hon Me (according to the way of fishermen Vinh Linh - Quang Tri province).
Standing high above looking down on the island like a giant turtle headed to the southwest. On the beautiful days, from Cua Tung, you can see the island very well with the emergence of 2 high points that make outstanding the dark green color of the island.
From that geographical position, in the strategy to protect country, Con Co has an important military position, it is the outpost watchtower of the country, the eye of the eastern sea, the outguard of socialist, is the southernmost point of the Gulf of Tonkin over the past 50 years.
After the Geneva agreement (1954), there was a long time when there were no inhabitants. In the autumn of 1959, the conspiracy of the American imperialists and the Sai Gon government took over the island, following the orders of the Commander and the Commissar E270 belonging to Vinh Linh Special Zone, a 127 platoon of the 270 regiment of the People's Army of Vietnam is commanded by  lieutenant Duong Duc Thien overcoming waves to the island; at 11:00 on August 8, 1959, the yellow star red flag was plugged into the island, once again affirming the inviolable sovereignty of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
Spent over 50 years of building and successful fighting. Born in the early days of building socialism and growing up under the bombs of the enemy. Along with the army and brave people of Vinh Linh district, Con Co became the shining symbol of Vietnam revolutionary heroism. The unmistakable monument is imposing in the sea, bringing the fame of country to friends over the world.

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